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Señalizacion semafórica

Signage, ITS, traffic lights

INTRA carries out studies that focus on the optimization of traffic lights regulations. It also studies signage projects which can improve the comfort of drivers and allow for more fluid traffic and safety on roads.

Construction work detours

Desvíos de obras These studies evaluate the impact that construction work, temporary cut traffic, or various public events can have on traffic. They assess the effect on vehicle circulation, public transportation and the mobility of pedestrians. Temporary solutions are given in order to minimize the inconvenience that users may suffer.

Signage projects

Proyectos de señalizaciónThese projects define the type and location of the informative and normative signs. The goal in mind is that the driver is given enough clear and accurate information.

Applied investigation

Investigación aplicadaThe development of studies with a nationwide and international reach, using the most advanced methodologies, tendencies and approaches in the fields of mobility, transport and their effects.

Traffic lights

Semaforización The functioning of traffic lights in an intersection, road, street... has a direct effect on the road’s capacity. These studies evaluate and plan the regulation of traffic lights, taking into consideration all the users of public areas, with the goal to improve the way they work and to solve possible conflicts.

ITS y Smart city

ITS y Smart cityNew technologies and forms of communication allow the implementation of mobility policies which are both dynamic and can be adjusted to the user’s needs. Implementing the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) allows for the optimization of resources to confront the environmental challenges in a clear commitment to create a “Smart City”.