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Pedestrians and cyclists

INTRA gives special consideration to the most vulnerable users of roads and highways, (pedestrians and cyclists) when conducting a mobility study. Using a non-motorized means of transport, which is safe, sustainable and efficient, represents the majority of the trips which take place in the city.

Pedestrian studies

Identify and provide tools to develop, improve, and promote pedestrian routes located in a specific territory. Within the city limits, it is important to promote shared public areas in an attempt to promote social cohesion within the neighborhood and to achieve a more pleasant and sustainable city for all its citizens.

Estudios de Peatones Estudios de Peatones

Accessibility studies

The quality of the public areas has a direct effect on the quality of life of its citizens. These plans analyze and provide solutions to achieve universal and fair mobility in terms of accessibility to public areas and roads or streets, to public buildings, to public transport and to commercial areas.

Estudios de accesibilidad Estudios de accesibilidad

School paths

Caminos escolaresThese projects arise as city living creates the need for students to have a safe and pleasant route to and from school. The goal of these projects is to promote sustainable mobility with safety measures that improve the quality of the streets and roads and the squares near schools and other educational centers.

Master plans for bicycles

Planes directores de la bicicletaThese master plans are fundamental tools and have as a goal to integrate the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport within the city. These plans offer route solutions, assess the terrain as well as evaluate other details. The trips on bicycles must be safe and they must co-exist with other means of transport and users, especially pedestrians.

Bicycle lane projects

Proyectos de carril biciConstruction Projects which outline any construction work necessary to create a bike lane (previously defined in the master or mobility plan), in addition to any necessary infrastructures.