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Consultores de movilidad


INTRA uses a comprehensive approach when it plans a city’s mobility, taking into consideration all the different factors. These factors include the various means of transport, both private and public, walking distance, the use of a bicycle and parking and the resulting environmental impact.

Director mobility plans

MovilidadThese plans are the instruments which guarantee the development of coordinated assessment strategies of mobility in a region. They promote a model of sustainable mobility, characterized by an inter-disciplinary approach. The objective is to guarantee basic accessibility to all people and to promote the principle of equal opportunity to all citizens.

Urban mobility plans

MovilidadThis is an important tool used to improve the quality of life in our cities and it is essential for the quality planning of a territory – not just in terms of mobility, but also from an environmental, urbanistic, social and economic point of view. Local Administrations use the PMU (Urban Mobility Plans) in the integrated planning of the different networks which together make up the transportation system.

Assessment studies of generated mobility

Given new single plans or changes in planning, the decree 344/2006 requires the presentation of an EAMG (or an Assessment Study of Generated Mobility). The goal of these studies is to evaluate the newly generated demand and the impact on each and every mobility option (cars, public transport, pedestrians and bicycles) from the perspective of their inter-connection and their capacity to absorb more traffic.

Movilidad Mobilidad

Studies of traffic impact

Estudios de impacto vialEvaluate the impact on vehicle traffic due to modifications of road or highway infrastructure or the increase in the demand.

Company Travel Plans

The Company Travel Plans (also called mobility plans) are a management tool to make the mobility of workers and visitors more sustainable and safe. According to Decree 152/2007 for the improvement of air quality in the Special Protection Zone, private work centers with more than 500 workers (200 for public sector) must have a Company Travel Plan. These plans are elaborated through a methodological process that consist of: mobility analysis, safe and sustainable mobility measures, an implementation program and follow-up of the Plan. The main objective are: promote sustainable mobility, saving energy consumption, increase road safety and increase productivity and competitiveness.

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