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Consultores de movilidad


INTRA uses a wide range of tools to evaluate the effects of the proposed interventions within the different projects and studies before they are put into practice.


MicrosimulaciónThe macro model shows the mobility of the vehicles at a local or regional area. It has the goal to analyze the effect of possible situations on the road network (lane widening, new alternative road). It also assesses possible changes in the demand conditions (new implementations, growth predictions) as well as parameters that refer to route choice (tolls, and socioeconomic characteristics). The software used for the macrosimulations is TransCAD.


Microsimulation shows with detail different aspects that affect mobility, such as motorized traffic that circulates in an intersection. It also allows the evaluation of the effectiveness of a specific section or intersection of a newly designed road. This microsimulation helps to make decisions based on the results. The software used for the microsimulations is AIMSUM.

Microsimulación Microsimulación


INTRA is an official dealer of the autoTURN software in Catalonia. This program simulates the steering of a vehicle and analyzes the area that has been used. The simulations created allow for the evaluation analysis of vehicle maneuvers. These simulations are used for projects such as intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, parking lots, or any type of construction either in private or public areas where maneuvering, available space and ramps need to be considered.


Software that can be used for traffic sign designing (urban and intercity) complying with the current legislation. Well designed and well placed signs minimizes a driver’s indecision. Reducing indecision leads to higher safety when maneuvering, reducing the risk of a traffic accident.